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Recycling Equipment Installation


New equipment installation? We can help.

Recycling Equipment Installation

Your company has decided to purchase new or used recycling equipment. Maybe you found a new or used baler, conveyor, shredder system, or compactor. But there’s a lot more to it than just waiting for it to get dropped off. With the uncertainty of equipment lead times, you should use your time wisely to make sure you are ready for your new equipment.

Before Your Equipment Arrives

Simple steps taken before the delivery of the equipment can save you money and time, while also taking all the necessary steps to foresee and deal with possible issues before they become real problems. With proper planning and preparation, your equipment installation can proceed without issues.

Remember that the installation location must provide access for maintenance or repairs. This includes easy access to installation conveyor belts, baler rams, baler hydraulics, baler cylinders, motors, and more. Coordination and proper planning are the best ways to ensure that a successful equipment installation process stays safe, on budget and on time. Make sure the area is clean and flat, has the right electrical wiring nearby, and that the new equipment doesn’t impede normal operating traffic. We can help you find the best spot for your new equipment, and tell you what needs to be fixed or repaired before it is safe to install.

The Installation of Your Recycling Equipment

It’s important to have the installation of your recycling equipment performed by trained and qualified professionals that understand your individual piece of equipment. Using unqualified workers can lead to improper installation or even damage the equipment.

Your recycling equipment is not a cheap investment and with the right care, it should give you many years of strong service. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, service checkups, and a maintenance schedule, all of which will help to protect your parts and equipment, as well as keeping any warranties valid.

Leverage Altitude Recycling Equipment for all your new and used recycling equipment installation needs.