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Vertical Baler Rentals and Leases

Vertical Baler Rentals and Leases

Balers are heavy machinery and can be very expensive, especially for small business owners who’re just starting out. The recycling industry is very lucrative if the business is established and there’s enough material to process, but the initial cost of the set-up can be prohibitive. You don’t need to purchase a baler to start a business because many dealers and baler owners offer the machines on lease. You can avoid the initial purchase cost and simply get the baler on rent. You can eventually purchase your own machine when your business is more stable.

Benefits of a Cardboard Baler Rental

There are a number of advantages of renting a baler as opposed to purchasing it outright, especially for someone who’s just starting out in the industry. Here are some of them for you to consider:

Short term rental – It’s not easy to establish a strong foothold in the recycling industry and many businesses falter in the first few months of operation. Short term rental lowers the risk and minimizes the initial investment. If your business falters in the first few months of operation, you can easily cancel the lease and save the money. Short term rentals are also beneficial for companies that face a sudden surge in demand and don’t have enough equipment to keep up. You can simply lease the baler for a few weeks or months to get the job done.

Low payment – Rentals are very affordable and require low up-front payments like deposits. You can start your business with minimal investment and still have access to great equipment.

Installation – Rental providers offer transport and installation services so all you need to do is place your order and wait for the baler to arrive. You can rent the baler from a trusted dealer to get secure transport and proper installation services. You won’t have to make the arrangements and that’s very convenient.

Most dealers and baler manufacturers provide excellent repair and maintenance support. All you need to do is call their customer care number and explain the problem to them. If you’ve chosen a proven and trusted manufacturer, you’ll get immediate support.